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Upload image or take a photo. Please view the guidelines opposite, or below on handheld devices.


Don't worry about any background on your image, our skilled operators will remove it before producing your Heads Up Hanger.


Choose either Adult or Child size hanger below.

Stand square on, close to the camera

Ask someone else to take your picture. The camera on the back of a smartphone is superior to the selfie lens.

Ensure your camera is at eyeline

Avoid taking pics looking up, or down at the subject.

Vest tops for girls, no top for guys...

...or, if you prefer, we suggest wearing a plain white T shirt. We can't remove any clothes near your neckline

  • Price: £ 24.95 Quantity:
    The maximum quantity you can order of the same image is 3.
    If you need more than 3 please email us with details of your requirements.
    Please don’t worry about any background in your image we will remove that for you when producing your Heads Up hanger.
    However, it will help us if you provide an image with a plain background.
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